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In this episode, the team talks with Chris Bardon - Chief Software Architect at Computer Talk makers of Ice Contact Center for Microsoft Teams.

We discuss:

  • Business Focus
  • Product differentiator
  • Product Architecture
  • Advanced and challenging scenarios
  • Microsoft Certification & validation process of their product.

In this episode the team talks with Isabella Lubin Sr. Program Manager at Microsoft to discuss the Evolution of Teams as a Platform.

  • The vision of Teams as a platform
  • Adoption of Teams as a platform
  • Teams as a platform scenarios
  • Build announcements

In this episode which is similar to Episode 36 & Episode 57, we cover a massive amount of features in Microsoft Teams that have been launched, rolling out or announced in the past 90 days. We've pulled all this information from Office 365 message center, Microsoft Tech community, Office 365 Roadmap with Teams filter.

New End User Functionality

  • Microsoft Lists in Teams
  • Microsoft Lists is a Microsoft 365 app that helps you track information and organize your work.
  • Track issues, assets, routines, contacts, inventory and more using customizable views and smart rules and alerts to keep everyone in sync.
  • This is brand new so not yet released but will be interesting to see where it plays well with respect to Planner and To Do.
  • Updated Feature: Invite a group or distribution list to a Teams meeting – previously you needed to do this in Outlook but now available when scheduling a meeting in Teams client.
  • Microsoft Teams support for Egnyte as a Third party which is cloud storage provider that do secure enterprise file sharing
  • Screen recording available in Microsoft Stream – create up to 15 minute videos using your mic and PC in Stream and then trim and publish the video. Edge and Chrome are supported for now.
  • Microsoft Teams - Increasing team membership limit to 10K from 5K. Just a note that Org wide teams still only support 5k users
  • Inline Edit Toggle for OneNote in Teams – you now edit OneNote content just like can a word or excel file in Teams.
  • Contextual search is coming to Teams – this is great as it allows you to do a  (Ctrl F) to search for content within a specific channel now.
  • Last but not least, MS is releasing a change that allows you to set a policy where you can force users in Islands Mode to only have the Teams Outlook Addin available to them forcing them to schedule all meetings in Teams.
  • Personal Apps available in Teams mobile client
  • Feature Update: Reverse number lookup in activity feed, call history, and voicemail
  • Option to create all meetings online for Outlook on the web and Outlook mobile
  • (Updated) New Feature: Teams/Skype Consumer chat and calling interop
  • New Teams meeting setting - require meeting participants to use the lobby
  • Feature Update: Teams meeting call and meeting chat size to increase to 300
  • Office 365 Groups will become Microsoft 365 Groups
  • Manage which accounts can log in to Teams via enrolled mobile devices


  • Making it easier to build and publish apps - Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code Extension for Teams
  • App Studio Update (v1.4.0)
  • With the latest update (v1.4.0), App Studio now has new enhancements such as, support for app manifest schema 1.6, “advanced section” in app details to easily support advanced features, app package validation tool to run tests that extend outside
  • Bringing low-code bots to Teams, with Power Virtual Agents
  • Simplified Power Apps and Power Virtual Agents “Add to Teams”
  • Enhanced workflow automation with Power Automate + Teams
  • New Shifts + Power Automate actions
  • Improved Power BI sharing to Teams
  • Activity feed notifications for apps
  • Granular Permissions
  • Mobile device capability for apps
  • New Microsoft Graph APIs for subscribing to notifications for new app messages
  • New Teams Graph APIs in v1.0
  • Graph APIs for Shifts


  • New Feature: Microsoft Teams room management within Teams Admin Center
  • Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) V2 data to be retired
  • General availability of automatic classification with sensitivity labels in Microsoft 365 services
  • Improving IT Admins’ ability to manage apps
  • New 3rd party subscription purchase experience
  • Grant Consent to Graph API Permissions
  • New controls to enhance the Teams app discoverability experience

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Get ready to dev-level-up!  Register for the online Microsoft Developer Virtual Conference on March 25, 2020 to learn about Teams App Dev from O365Eh! Podcast members Curtis Johnstone & Michael LaMontagne.  They will do two instructive live demo sessions on the following subjects:

Develop & Deploy a Teams App

Microsoft Teams has emerged as the premier hub for teamwork where people actively connect and collaborate in real time to get things done.  Teams apps play an important role in this hub.  It enables users and groups to tailor and extend their Teams workspace by adding productivity apps from Microsoft, third-parties, and internal line of business apps (LOB).

Attend this session to learn all the key steps in implementing and deploying a Microsoft Teams Apps. A simple app will be developed and deployed from start to finish illustrating the use of the Teams App Studio, the App Consent process, and Setup and Permissions policies to make the app available.  The three different types of Teams apps will be covered – Microsoft, third-party, and LOB.

Teams & the Power Platform - Better Together

This session will be an instructive walk-through of integrating Microsoft Teams and the Power Platform so users and groups can work less, and get more done.

Attend this session to learn how easy it is to integrate a Power BI dashboard and a Power App into Teams.  You will also see first-hand how to leverage a Power Automate Connector, Actions, and Triggers to build a real life Meetings Digest App that integrates with Teams to make users more productive.

Microsoft Developer Conference