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In this episode, the team talks with Nik Charlebois Senior Customer Engineer and lead for Microsoft 365 Desired State Configuration (DSC), and fellow canuck about:

  • How it came to be
  • Vision
  • Use cases
  • Workloads

Microsoft365DSC is an Open-Source initiative hosted on GitHub, lead by Microsoft engineers and maintained by the community. It allows you to write a definition for how your Microsoft 365 tenant should be configured, automate the deployment of that configuration, and ensures the monitoring of the defined configuration, notifying and acting on detected configuration drifts. It also allows you to extract a full-fidelity configuration out of any existing Microsoft 365 tenant. The tool covers all major Microsoft 365 workloads such as Exchange Online, Teams, Power Platforms, SharePoint and Security and Compliance.

Calling all #Developers #MSTeamsDev #MSTeamsDev #Office365Dev!

Get ready to dev-level-up!  Register for the online Microsoft Developer Virtual Conference on March 25, 2020 to learn about Teams App Dev from O365Eh! Podcast members Curtis Johnstone & Michael LaMontagne.  They will do two instructive live demo sessions on the following subjects:

Develop & Deploy a Teams App

Microsoft Teams has emerged as the premier hub for teamwork where people actively connect and collaborate in real time to get things done.  Teams apps play an important role in this hub.  It enables users and groups to tailor and extend their Teams workspace by adding productivity apps from Microsoft, third-parties, and internal line of business apps (LOB).

Attend this session to learn all the key steps in implementing and deploying a Microsoft Teams Apps. A simple app will be developed and deployed from start to finish illustrating the use of the Teams App Studio, the App Consent process, and Setup and Permissions policies to make the app available.  The three different types of Teams apps will be covered – Microsoft, third-party, and LOB.

Teams & the Power Platform - Better Together

This session will be an instructive walk-through of integrating Microsoft Teams and the Power Platform so users and groups can work less, and get more done.

Attend this session to learn how easy it is to integrate a Power BI dashboard and a Power App into Teams.  You will also see first-hand how to leverage a Power Automate Connector, Actions, and Triggers to build a real life Meetings Digest App that integrates with Teams to make users more productive.

Microsoft Developer Conference