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This episode discusses Microsoft 365 analytics tools and features to help with organization and end-user adoption.

In this episode, the team walks through setting up your #powerbi environment for Microsoft Teams analytic reporting.

In this episode, the team interviews our very own Michael LaMontagne and his new Saas application, TeamsBoss. TeamsBoss allows you to easily manage your Microsoft Teams deployment (Calling Plans, Operator Connect, Direct Routing) through a single tool and apply profiles and policies.

In this episode, the team talks with Sennheiser Global partnership manager and fellow hockey fan Charlie Jones on how their #MicrosoftTeams products help organizations with hybrid work.


In this episode, we discuss, how to manage Microsoft Teams operator connect outbound dialing to restrict users from calling international numbers.

In this video, the team walks through the process for managing your Microsoft Teams multi-language meeting invitations.

Why you would use it

How to configure it


In this video, the team walks through the process for managing your Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing, from licensing to deployment.


In this episode the team walks through the creation of your first Microsoft Teams Shared Channel.

  • Understanding the administrator configuration in the Teams Admin Center and Azure Active Directory.
  • How to add and manage a Shared Channel as an end-user.



In this episode, we talk about the capabilities of a an exciting new Microsoft Teams feature - Microsoft Teams Connect (more commonly known as Teams Shared Channels) with Microsoft Principal Program Manager Arun Das.

In this episode we cover:

  • What are Shared Channels
  • What are the requirements
  • What are the limitations
  • What should admins be mindful of in Azure B2B policy configuration
  • What about guest access
  • Who owns the data in a shared channel
  • How to apply information governance
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Extensibility

The Microsoft Shared Channels documentation can be found here on the Microsoft Docs website.

In this episode, we discuss how to prepare your network for hybrid work and also demo how to set up Microsoft Teams new feature bandwidth roaming profiles.